Donald Trump Is ‘Vile And Horrible’ Says Former Foreign Secretary

With a jab at those who would defend the President elect, she said “let’s hope he’s this nice, sweet person I’m sure we’ll all be hearing about in the next few days”.

“This is a vile and horrible man who has fought a vile and horrible campaign.

“I’m not just talking about the way he treated Hillary Clinton. Look at the way he treated his opponents in the Republican primaries – he insulted them, he sneered at them, he told lies about them, he insulted their families. This is a horrible man.”

She said: “I have a seen a lot of bluster, a lot of bombast, a lot of unpleasantness. He has appealed to the worst in everybody’s nature and brought it out and encouraged it

“This is a man who, when someone heckled at a rally, called on his supporters to beat him up. He called for Hillary Clinton to have her security guard taken away.

“He even insinuated that people who didn’t agree with her about gun control should perhaps think about shooting her. What kind of a man is that?”

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