Donald Trump Protest Sees EDL Members Clash With Demonstrators Over Racism

“Donald Trump is the man. He’s telling it how it is. He’s not all about capitalism. He’s not all about stitching up Americans,” he said.

At this point another man pulled off part of a woman’s placard that said: ‘No To Racism, No To Trump’.

The EDL supporter said “we’re not racist”, prompting people to say “yeah, yeah”.

Lifting his sweatshirt to reveal a shirt with a Union Jack with the words ‘White Lives Matter’ underneath, he said: “People in America will tell you ‘Black Lives Matter’,” the man continued. “We’ve got people killing police officers who are affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

“We are people here representing White Lives Matter, representing the EDL.”

He said: “Refugees are not welcome here.” When someone else asked why not, he answered: “Because they come here, they rape our children.” 

He was met with a chorus of disapproval and boos at this and people began chanting: “Refugees are welcome here.” 

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