Donald Trump’s Outrage At ‘Hamilton’ And ‘Saturday Night Live’ Is A Distraction From These Important Stories

Curiously, Pence didn’t quite see events in the same way

Pence said on Sunday morning that he was not offended or bothered, adding he would “leave it to others” to decide whether the theatre was an appropriate place for a political message. He said:

“I really enjoyed watching Hamilton. It was a real joy to be there. I heard a few boos. I wasn’t offended by what was said.”

The hit show depicts the life of America’s first treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton, through hip-hop and traditional Broadway numbers.

The attack on two entertainment shows came as …

… Trump agreed to pay $25 million in fines and restitution to settle three fraud lawsuits on behalf of the former customers of Trump University, the businessman’s now-defunct real estate seminar program …

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