Donald Tusk Says MPs’ Claim About EU And UK Citizens ‘Has Nothing To Do With Reality’

Before Tusk’s response, MP Michael Tomlinson, who signed the letter to Tusk, said it was meant to get Tusk to “liberate Theresa May to achieve what is in all of our national interests”.

“People are not bargaining chips. Human beings are not card to be trade ‘tit for tat’ in a political playground,” Tomlinson wrote

Tusk said the EU has been ready to begin negotiating Britain’s departure from the EU since the day after the June Brexit referendum.

He continued: “Just like you, I would like to avoid a situation where citizens become ‘bargaining chips’ in the negotiation process.

“In order for this not to happen, we will need precise and comprehensive solutions, which, other than nice-sounding expressions, will provide genuine guarantees of security.”

While the EU has appointed a chief negotiator, it has stuck to its position of insisting it will not start a Brexit negotiation untile Article 50 is triggered.

Theresa May has said this will happen by the end of March but next week the Government is going to the Supreme Court to argue MPs should not vote on this before it happens.

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