Don’t Fall For The Alt-Right Money Shot

On Channel 4, Yiannopoulos cut a very pathetic figure. So affected was his nonchalance it showed he was not nonchalant at all. Like those incredibly arty people who spend hours and hours perfecting the “oh I just threw this outfit together” look, he appeared as a massive try hard. He lent his head on his hands like a 1980s teenage girl talking on the phone to her best friend – teenage affectations that belong in movies like the Adventures of Babysitting. They are designed to make us think that he is harmless, just saying what he thinks innocently. Yiannopoulos, Farage and Trump are great examples of utterly faked, polished and focused-grouped authenticity. These people don’t say what they think, they say what they think will get them the most likes on Facebook.

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