Ed Balls Vows He Won’t Quit ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Despite Fears He Could Win

Ed Balls has vowed he won’t quit Strictly Come Dancing despite the danger of him beating better dancers in the TV show.

The former Shadow Chancellor, who has survived to get through to the programme’s special screening from Blackpool this week, said that “in the end, you’ve got to respect the voters”.

And he revealed that he will be lowered by a rope from the ceiling of the Tower ballroom when he starts his jive with partner Katya Jones this Saturday night

Former BBC political editor John Sergeant – another popular but less than graceful contestant – famously withdrew from the show in 2010 after it looked like he could actually win.

At the time Sergeant explained “there is now a real danger that I might win the competition – even for me that would be a joke too far”.

But on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Balls insisted that he was unlikely to face such a dilemma.

“You’ve got to respect the voters and let the public decide,” he said, before adding “In the end I think they might spot I’m not the best dancer.”

Now in his ninth week on the show, he said that as the contest went on it “becomes a bigger deal”.

But he warned: “I think if you’ve got a bet on me, I’d cash out.”

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