Elon Musk teases new Tesla product reveal

Watch Elon Musk tackle weird assembly questions

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is during it again. In a classically mysterious twitter to his some-more than 5.5 million supporters progressing this week, Musk teased that a new product proclamation was entrance on Oct 17.

What done a twitter even some-more intriguing is a fact that Musk pronounced a new Tesla (TSLA) product was “unexpected by most.”

Musk hinted that a news won’t have to do with Tesla’s argumentative partnership devise with SolarCity (SCTY), a choice appetite association run by dual of Musk’s cousins. A apart Tesla/SolarCity eventuality was function on Oct 28.

It’s also doubtful that Musk will be articulate about his rocket association SpaceX given he clearly indicated that it was Tesla that would have a new product.

So what does Musk have adult his sleeve?

Musk is a showman who has been famous to oversell his teasing announcements, and CNNMoney’s automobile guru Peter Valdes-Dapena doesn’t consider a news will be all that exciting. He told me that it’s doubtful to be a new vehicle.

He thinks it could be an updated chronicle of one of Tesla’s existent products or a some-more minute demeanour during a arriving Model 3 — a “affordable” Tesla that’s due out during a finish of 2017.

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There are rumors that it could be a reworked chronicle of Tesla’s Model X SUV — a car many are referring to as a Model Y.

But Twitter users and automobile and tech bloggers are anticipating it will be many some-more than that.

After all, Musk already has indicated in his new Master Plan for Tesla that a pickup truck, heavy-duty load trucks for burden shipping and some arrange of mass movement car could be in a works.

So maybe a Tesla Semi or a Tesla Bus will be a product announcement?

Musk also hinted that Tesla will one day let a business share their cars with other people — if/when unconstrained pushing vehicles get a immature light from regulators opposite a country.

In other words, people could spin their Teslas into mini-Ubers and lease them out to people who need a lift. (Or Lyft.)

It seems doubtful that Tesla will launch a loyal ridesharing use subsequent week though. It’s substantially too soon.

But one gossip that kept resurfacing this week is that Tesla might launch a motorcycle famous as a Model M.

The automobile blog Silodrome even has a mockup of what it could demeanour like. (It creatively posted it final year though, not in response to Musk’s latest tweet.)

Luckily, we usually have to wait a few some-more days to find out only accurately what Musk is unveiling.

Some have even joked that it could be a Tony Stark-styled Iron Man suit, wise given Robert Downey. Jr. has pronounced he’s modeled his chronicle of a Avengers impression partly on Musk.

What is certain yet is that nothing of a wacky, yet hilarious, ideas combined by a satire Bored Elon Musk Twitter comment will be announced Monday.

It’s too bad though. One of Bored Elon Musk’s many new proposals? A worker to harass co-workers to demeanour during their inbox some-more frequently.

Maybe Musk will announce on Monday that Tesla is shopping all of Bored Elon Musk’s feign patents? A child can dream.

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