Emily Thornberry Is Wrong: EU Migrants Don’t Undercut Wages

The study also found no correlation between EU immigration and job opportunity – and that the net effect of EU migrants was actually to raise the the level of demand in the British economy and create opportunities for UK-born workers.

The authors remarked that while workers have seen wages suffer, the cause could be traced to the 2008 recession, rather than an influx of migrants.

Jonathan Wadsworth, who co-authored the report, said: “The bottom line, which may surprise many people, is that EU immigration has not harmed the pay, jobs or public services enjoyed by Britons.

“In fact, for the most part it has likely made us better off. So far from EU immigration being a necessary evil that we pay to get access to the greater trade and foreign investment generated by the EU single market, immigration is at worse neutral and at best, another economic benefit.”

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