Facebook nears 2 billion users

Facebook's devise to quarrel terrorism

Facebook is three-quarters of a approach to a subsequent billion users.

The amicable network announced Wednesday that it had 1.79 billion monthly active users as of a finish of a third quarter, adult from 1.39 billion a year earlier.

To put that another way: Facebook (FB, Tech30) has combined a homogeneous of Twitter’s (TWTR, Tech30) whole user bottom in a year.

As Facebook’s user bottom continues to grow, so does a interest to advertisers.

Facebook’s income surged to $7 billion in a Sep quarter, adult 59% from a same entertain a year earlier. In fact, Facebook sales for this entertain are scarcely as many a sum income for all of 2013.

Facebook’s conspicuous sales expansion has been fueled by a success in transitioning to offered ads on smartphones and tablets. Mobile ads now comment for 84% of Facebook’s altogether ad revenue, compared to roughly zero in mid-2012.

Wall Street once noticed mobile as a Achilles’ heel for Facebook since a site was creatively designed for desktop. Now, Facebook has one billion monthly users who only use mobile — and millions of businesses fervent to strech them by ads.

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Michael Pachter, an researcher with Wedbush, wrote in an financier note final week that Facebook’s business has achieved a “virtually indomitable advantage” for that reason.

In new months, however, there have been hiccups in a ad business. Facebook was indicted of permitting targeted ads that could be discriminatory. It also went on an apology tour to a selling village after incorrectly overstating a pivotal video metric.

Yet, a many dire regard for Facebook might simply be that there is usually so many room left to fist ads onto a amicable network to keep adult a implausible sales growth.

Facebook has fast been building adult an arsenal of other services that also have one billion users and are primed to make money. That list includes Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, that are both approaching to monetize interactions between businesses and customers.

Instagram recently surfaced a 500 million symbol and has begun ramping adult a promotion business. This week, Instagram also announced skeleton to make it easier to emporium for items on a platform.

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