Far Right Extremism Poses A Real Threat To Us All

ISIS and Nazi ideology may be completely different, but their method of radicalisation is the same: recruiting vulnerable individuals, with personal grievances online and radicalising them to such a degree that they will commit acts of terror at home and abroad. Unless we treat all acts of terrorism and extremism, hatred and bigotry – on both sides – in the same way and strive for a culture of respect for all, we will not be making our streets any safer. Far-right extremists are able to make threats of violence and incite hatred without any repercussions for them, which would not be tolerated if made by any other group or community. For example, Britain First’s policies openly declare that there should be a complete ban on Islam, and that people “of foreign descent” should be paid to leave the country permanently. Ideas such as these, which run totally contrary to British values, are left unchallenged to strengthen and flourish. They fuel anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiments. A cherry-pick approach will not eliminate extremism and intolerance from our society; it will continue to reinforce the “them-v-us” narrative, breed hatred, and radicalise extremists on both sides.

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