Former New Jersey ‘Housewife’ files lawsuit opposite Virgin America

Former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Amber Marchese and her father Jim have filed a lawsuit opposite Virgin America over a pre-flight scuffle that occurred this spring.

On Apr 20, a couple was pulled off a moody vacating Los Angeles International Airport and military arrested Jim Marchese who, according to moody attendant Moriah Rosser, had pounded his mother after they were seated in initial class.

According to a censure filed in sovereign justice in Newark, N.J. Rosser, who allegedly famous a Marcheses and “commented that she did not like” Jim, told airfield military he had choked and threatened his mother during pre-boarding, reported TMZ.

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In a complaint, a Marchese lay that Rosser’s military matter was “entirely false,” and that a airline attendant knew it was fake and acted with “reckless negligence for a truth.” The integrate is suing for purported defamation, fake imprisonment, and antagonistic prosecution.

No charges were filed in Apr though photographers and paparazzi lonesome Jim’s recover from jail, heading to inattentive detriment of romantic distress, according to a lawsuit.

In a matter to, Virgin America orator Dave Arnold said, “There is no consequence to this lawsuit and Virgin America will urge a claims done opposite a Teammate.”

But a Marchese’s counsel pronounced a airline attendant disregarded a existence stars’ right to privacy.

“They wish to absolve their age-old right to be left alone,” a couple’s counsel Joshua Bauchner told Reuters.

“When a married integrate is on a craft returning to see their children, fake accusations shouldn’t be levied opposite them by a moody attendant seeking her 15 mins of fame.”

The couple, who seemed on a sixth deteriorate of Bravo’s New Jersey “Real Housewives,” threatened to sue Virgin American for $100 million in May. 

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