FOX News Channel leads wire news discuss ratings

FOX News Channel lead a wire news ratings competition final night, scoring a sum of 11.4 million viewers. CNN came in second place with a sum of 9.8 million viewers and MSNBC perceived 4.9 million during final night’s presidential discuss between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

That brings a sum series of wire news viewers to 26.1 million, that simply beats a Mitt Romney-Barack Obama discuss 4 years ago. That one reeled in 21.1 million viewers.

NBC took a lead with 15.6 million viewers across a tip promote stations final night with NBC’s “Nightly News'” Lester Holt moderating a discuss hosted during New York’s Hofstra University.

ABC took second place with 11.6 million, CBS came in third with 10.2 million and Fox in fourth with 5 million, equaling a sum 42.4 million sum viewers. Nielsen will recover some-more information after today.

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