Free Movement Has Failed

To be opposed to unlimited immigration out of concern for the impact on wages and social cohesion is not to be opposed to migrants, any more than to oppose unemployment for the same reasons is to be opposed to the unemployed.

Yes, we must challenge ‘rip-off bosses’ who pay low wages and a Tory government which does not invest sufficiently in public services. But it is utterly disingenuous to pretend that these problems are not made more acute by open-door immigration. Moreover, to concentrate solely on the economic aspects of the argument, as though unlimited immigration would cease to be a contentious issue if only wages and investment were higher, or if only voters could be persuaded to accept that overall it makes the country a little bit wealthier, is to miss the point. After all, it was the philosophy of Margaret Thatcher to reduce every policy issue to the dictates of the balance sheet, with no regard for the impact on society or community cohesion. No socialist or trade unionist should do the same.

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