French MP For Britain Warns Marine Le Pen Is More Dangerous Than Trump

Marine Le Pen is more dangerous than Donald Trump and could win next year’s French Presidential election, a politician from the country has said. 

Christophe Premat, the MP who represents over one hundred thousand French citizens living in Northern Europe, warned there was a “dark cloud” descending on the continent.

He also voiced hopes the Government lose their impending Supreme Court battle not to give MPs a vote on triggering Article 50.

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK about the rise of Le Pen and the far-right, Premat said: “People see that it is possible in the US, so it might be possible to have a surprise in France, but I don’t think that she will make it this time.”

Asked if Le Pen was more dangerous than Trump, he said: “yes”. 

The Socialist MP suggested Le Pen, who was last year cleared of inciting hatred for comparing Muslims street prayers to the Nazi occupation, would likely copy Trump’s campaign stratergy. 

“I don’t think that she will use the same phrasing but she will use the same type of campaign… They are more interested in the stratergy than the phrasing.

“I don’t think that’s where Marine Le Pen will be as provocative as Trump – it’s not the same style.”

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