From The Home Office To Downing Street: The Challenge Facing Theresa May

From the moment she became Conservative leader, it was clear May’s approach would differ from that of her predecessor. David Cameron was often described as a “chairman of the board” figure, letting his Ministers plough their own furrows after he set an overall direction for the Government. Helped along by the constraints of Coalition Government, this approach led to remarkably stable Government. Unlike Tony Blair, who reshuffled his Government faster than a deck of cards in a casino, Ministers across Government had time to learn their briefs and develop policy. This hands-off approach wasn’t without its problems though. Cameron, Osborne and their policy chief, Oliver Letwin, famously didn’t understand the NHS reforms being proposed to them by Andrew Lansley. Once the details were revealed, it proved to be hugely controversial and had to be massively scaled back after a bruising political battle.

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