Furious Jeremy Corbyn Allies Disown Corbyn Leadership Campaign ‘Dossier’ Of MP Abuse

Both Smith and Corbyn supporters have accused each other of engaging in abuse on social media and the party centrally has been purging members who were found to use threatening or offensive language online.

The Press Association also included quotes from a spokesman for Corbyn’s leadership team urging rival Owen Smith to disown the ‘abusive’ online messages from MPs who supported him.

“For the sake of party unity, Owen must explicitly condemn those who have threatened to split the party and tear it apart, as well as condemn the abuse instigated by his high-profile supporters,” the spokesman’s quote read. “He must also make concrete commitments to doing his bit to foster party unity.”

The Corbyn campaign has compiled long lists of what it considers abusive tweets and conduct by MPs, local councillors and journalists.

Among the examples cited were Jess Phillips telling Diane Abbott to “f*** off” (as revealed by HuffPost), John Woodcock dismissing the party leader as a “f****** disaster” and Tristram Hunt describing Labour as “in the s***”.

Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson was name-checked for calling the grassroots Corbyn campaign Momentum a “rabble”.

During the SkyNews debate, Smith raised the ‘hit list’ as proof of the plans to deselect MPs after the leadership contest.

But on Watson’s ‘rabble’ quote, Corbyn simply said “he said it”.

Tweets seen by HuffPost include many highlighted by the pro-Corbyn ‘@LabourAbuse’ Twitter account.

Frank Field was singled out for his recent tweet of a letter to JK Rowling, praising her criticism of Corbyn and declaring that some party members wanted to form an ‘execution squad of Labour MPs’.

Turley’s tweet referring to Unite’s Len McCluskey as ‘an arsehole’ was also included.

A spokesman for the Deputy Labour leader said: “Tom Watson has received an apology from James Mills [Press chief for the Corbyn leadership campaign] on behalf of the junior press officer in Corbyn’s campaign team”.

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