Gary Lineker Child Refugee Spat With The Sun Prompts People To Vote In NTA Awards

Davies has stood by his call for dental checks.

In an interview with the Guardian – in which he incorrectly states the government are already using the tests – he said: “Should I try to say, ‘If dental tests are causing an issue and the wrist test is accurate, let’s go with the wrist one’?

“I don’t really mind. I can’t really see the analogy with slavery or concentration camps – but if that is the main sticking point here, fine, let’s do wrists. I don’t mind me being tested, by the way.

“No, no, no. Bring it on. If someone thinks this is outrageous, well I’ll be the first to volunteer. Come and X-ray my wrist. Have a look at my teeth. People are saying this is a really intrusive thing to do – well, I don’t feel intruded upon. What’s the problem?”

Lineker succinctly responded to the interview in another tweet.

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