Gordon Brown Urging Labour MPs To Join Corbyn’s Frontbench Team

The ex-premier this summer joined Ed Miliband in backing MPs over their vote of ‘no confidence’ in their leader.

But Brown, who said in June that Corbyn’s “electability” was clearly an issue, believes that MPs should not allow the leader to claim “they won’t work with me”, and should at least try to broaden the Shadow Cabinet.

Allies of the former PM say he is taking a realistic approach despite being personally criticised by many Corbyn supporters and his shadow ministers.

Brown is also urging Labour members not to quit the party and give a free run to the Left.

‘Moderate’ MPs too are telling long-standing party members not to desert it, with a message “don’t quit, won’t split”.

One party source said that Brown’s pragmatic approach contrasted with that of Peter Mandelson, who is claimed to have told MPs to stay away from the Shadow Cabinet.

Tony Blair was again scathing about Corbyn this week, claiming his continued leadership of Labour had created “a one-party state” where there was no credible alternative government to challenge the Tories.

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