Halle Berry says her good looks hindered her success in Hollywood

Being too good-looking can infrequently be a problem.

Halle Berry opens adult about her start in Hollywood in a vehement new interview, and says she had to desire to be taken severely in a attention interjection to her credentials in displaying and beauty pageants. As a result, Berry says she intentionally shied divided from personification “the beautiful girl” during a commencement of her career.

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Berry reveals she had to remonstrate executive Spike Lee to give her a purpose of drug-addicted Vivian in 1991’s “Jungle Fever” by initial holding off all her makeup in a bathroom. Lee primarily wanted to expel her in a some-more polished purpose of Wesley Snipes’ wife.

“I review that partial excellent enough, though afterwards we pronounced to Spike, ‘You know, we unequivocally am eyeing this impulse ho role, can we greatfully let me try-out for that?'” she recalls. “And he said, ‘No, no we don’t see we as a impulse ho.’ we said, ‘I am a impulse ho. Really, low down I’m a impulse ho!'”

“And we said, ‘Let me go in a bathroom, rinse all this makeup off; we will see a impulse ho,'” she continues. “So, he let me do that and we came behind out and we got to review a impulse ho, and we got a partial of a impulse ho. And it was an extraordinary approach to start my career, personification a impulse ho and be destined by Spike Lee. It was vital for me.”

Berry’s quarrel for some-more formidable roles didn’t stop there. A decade later, Berry says she also had to remonstrate writer Lee Daniels to let her try-out for a lead purpose in 2001’s “Monster’s Ball” — that she finished adult winning a Best Actress Oscar for in 2002.

“He was indeed troubled by a thought,” Berry says about Daniels’ feelings on her reading for a purpose of Leticia. “He thought, ‘There’s no way,’ and my evidence to him was, only since someone looks a certain approach doesn’t meant that they are spared adversity. Adversity does not discriminate. we thought, ‘My looks haven’t spared me one hardship or one harm impulse or one unpleasant situation. So please, we know, give me a shot during this.’ we said, ‘I mostly consider it’s some-more engaging when we see someone that looks a certain approach onslaught in ways that we wouldn’t consider they would be struggling with.'”

“He eventually gave me a possibility and that arrange of altered a march of my career in so many ways,” she concludes.

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Berry turned 50 final month, and of course, still looks as implausible as ever. The mom of dual embraced a miracle age on Instagram with open arms, pity a voluptuous selfie showing off her flawless physique.

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