‘Hamilton’ star to Trump: ‘There’s zero to apologize for’

Trump contra New York City media

The “Hamilton” star who review a summary from a theatre to Vice President-elect Mike Pence says a expel has “nothing to apologize for” — notwithstanding President-elect Donald Trump’s indignant tweets.

Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr in a critically acclaimed hit, told “CBS This Morning” that a summary was meant as a uncover of adore and unity.

“We’re not here to boo,” Dixon said. “We’re here to hearten any other on.”

Some people in a assembly booed when Pence showed adult for Friday night’s opening on Broadway. After a curtain, Dixon addressed Pence and pronounced a expel hoped a uncover “inspired we to defend a American values and to work on interest of all of us.”

Dixon pronounced he was approached by a writer shortly before a uncover about reading a statement. He pronounced expel members and uncover runners, including creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, were concerned in crafting it.

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Trump dismissed off a array of tweets over a weekend. One claimed Pence had been “harassed.” Another pronounced that a “cast and producers of Hamilton, that we hear is rarely overrated, should immediately apologize to Mike Pence for their terrible behavior.”

“Hamilton,” that won 11 Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize for a depiction of a life of Alexander Hamilton, is sole out good into subsequent year.

Asked on CBS about Trump’s response, Dixon said, “There’s zero to apologize for.”

“We commend that ‘Hamilton’ is an inherently American story told by a clarification of a American community,” Dixon said, adding that a show’s inflection “demands that we make statements when there are critical issues, we think, confronting us as a community.”

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Pence pronounced he wasn’t offended.

“I do wish to contend that a simple element, a core of that summary is one we wish to residence and that is we know this is a really unsatisfactory time for people that did not see their claimant win in this inhabitant election,” Pence pronounced on “Fox News Sunday.”

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