‘Hard Brexit’ Would Mean ‘Stupid Brexit’, Senior Tory Lord Jonathan Hill Warns

Lord Hill, a long-time ally of Cameron, announced his resignation from his Brussels post just two days after the Brexit vote on June 23.

His comments today sparked a swift backlash from one senior Tory MP, who told HuffPost UK: “Suggesting millions of British voters are ‘stupid’ didn’t work for the Remainers in the EU referendum, did it?

“Lord Hill threw his toys out of his pram in June, preferred to flounce off to make money. Hardly surprising as his EU steer to Cameron was so duff. Would you want strategic advice from him?”

On Question Time, Varoufakis refused to name any Brexit department staffers who might be of low IQ, saying these were already well known.

The show also featured a Polish migrant being booed by the TV show’s audience after she suggested she had been discriminated against since the Brexit vote in June.

And a former Treasury mandarin who helped Margaret Thatcher win her famous EU ‘rebate’, said that Davis was “in cloud cuckoo land” in his approach to Brussels.

Sir Brian Unwin said it was wrong for Davis to claim “the negotiating odds were unbelievably, heavily stacked in our favour”.

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