Has Andrea Leadsom Got The Message After Tories Rally Against Hunting?

Conservative MPs defending wafer-thin majorities will look at these latest figures with trepidation. In three of the marginal constituencies polled – Bolton West, Nuneaton, and Thanet South – more than 80% of voters do not want a return to hunting. In the Conservative/Liberal Democrat marginal of Yeovil in the South West, 74% supported the ban on fox hunting, rising to 85% for both deer and hare hunting.

Above all, what this poll shows is that the tiny minority who hanker for the past are indeed living in the past. For the vast majority of people, fox-hunting is no more a ‘tradition’ than bear-baiting once was. They countenance the prospect of “licensed fox-hunting” (supported by Andrea Leadsom) with as much enthusiasm as they might the licensing of illegal dog-fighting.

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