Heathrow Airport Expansion: 6 Times Boris Johnson Shifted On Bulldozers And A Third Runway

Boris Johnson faces some of his old comments on airport expansion coming back to haunt him, as the Prime Minister today announced plans to expand Heathrow

The Foreign Secretary will be allowed to speak out against the decision but faces getting whipped into line closer to an official vote on the move by MPs – likely to be in winter 2017. 

He said he was “grateful” to May for allowing cabinet ministers who took “a different view” on airport expansion to “continue to make [their] point”.

“If and when a third runway were to be built, there would be an overwhelming clamour to build a fourth runway. and then what would London be like?” the Uxbridge MP asked this morning.

“New York the city of beautiful sky-scrapers, Paris the city of light, London the city of planes.”

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