Heathrow Third Runway Set For Go-Ahead After Theresa May Allows Cabinet Dissent For ‘Limited Period’

“In the light of that there would be a certain period of time after the committee has taken the decision where they would be able to express those views and they would not be expect to support the Government position.

“Once the decision has been taken there will be a special arrangement put in place which will allow certain ministers who have long-held, set-out views on this issue, or particular constituency issues, some flexibility to set out their personal position.”

Tory backbencher Zac Goldsmith is poised to trigger a by-election in his Richmond Park seat in protest at the decision.

Johnson has in the past vowed to “lie down…in front of those bulldozers and stop the building, stop the construction of that third runway”.

But when asked if ministers would be allowed actively campaign against the final decision, even if they disagreed publicly with it, the PM’s spokeswoman said: “That’s not my expectation”.

A final decision will be made by a Cabinet sub-committee next week, but today the full Cabinet had an hour-long discussion of the merits of the various recommendations of the independent Davies Commission on airport capacity.

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