Here’s where Europe’s grads wish to work

Here's how to get a pursuit during Google

European students don’t only like Google and Microsoft… they looooove them.

Google (GOOGL, Tech30) has only been named a many appealing employer among European engineering and IT students, violence out former no. 1, IBM (IBM, Tech30).

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The annual ranking from Universum, a investigate and consulting firm, also named Google a many fascinating employer among European business students for a fifth year in a row.

Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) came in second place on a engineering ranking, and third place on a business ranking.

Google and Microsoft have quick powered adult a engineering ranking over a final year as they have softened their code plan and used their products to attract students, pronounced Claudia Tattanelli, tellurian executive for Universum.

“These dual companies go over their products. They comparison them,” pronounced Tattanelli, observant that students in each European nation Universum surveyed showed a flourishing enterprise to work during Google.

Both tech giants successfully foster their workplaces as accessible and approachable, while charity new grads jobs that guarantee to have a discernible impact on a world, she said.

Google’s recruitment tab line — “Do cold things that matter” — sums it adult nicely, she said. And Microsoft’s catchphrase, “Come as we are, do what we love,” is also unequivocally alluring for students.

europe tip employers 2016

Both companies are also equally appealing to male and womanlike grads, pronounced Tattanelli.

Meanwhile, some employers are charity care and connoisseur training programs to assistance them partisan some-more effectively.

“I can tell we there are so many some-more of these connoisseur programs than ever before,” pronounced Tattanelli.

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Such programs assistance attract tip talent since they put grads on a quick lane for government roles, she said.

Airbus (EADSF) — ranked 8th on Universum’s list among engineering students and 29th among business students — final month non-stop a new “Leadership University” for employees in France.

Leadership opportunities are increasingly critical to business majors this year, she said.

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Students surveyed by Universum arrange work-life change as a tip career goal, though their clarification of a word differs from their parents’.

Instead of eight-hour workdays and evenings but checking their cellphones, they are some-more focused on carrying friendly, deferential colleagues and being means to fit longer work hours around family time, pronounced Tattanelli.

The 2016 Universum rankings were formed on a consult of some-more than 192,000 business, engineering and IT students — many of them coming graduation — opposite 12 European nations, including Germany, France, Italy and a U.K.

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