Hilary Benn And Yvette Cooper To Chair Commons Brexit And Home Affairs Committees

The two former Shadow Cabinet ministers, who have opted not so serve under Jeremy Corbyn, will now carve out potentially formidable new roles in Parliament.

Benn won convincingly, beating Hoey on the first ballot of all MPs, by 330 votes to 209, to head up the new 21-strong cross-party committee.

Key allies of Jeremy Corbyn had nominated Hoey for the post, including Shadow Business Secretary Clive Lewis, Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary David Anderson and Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Ian Lavery.

But many Labour MPs felt that the Vauxhall MP, who had campaigned in the EU referendum alongside Nigel Farage, was no match for Benn.

Hoey herself tweeted that she was surprised she had gain even her 209 votes, many of which came from Tory MPs and a hard core of Labour Eurosceptics.

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