HORRIFIC ISIS EXECUTION Video shows apprehension group’s ‘cubs’ gunning down Kurds

A stomach-turning new video expelled Friday by ISIS shows a outrageous militant army’s supposed “cubs” executing 5 Kurdish fighters, as good as a disfigured montage of mass murder in a name of Allah.

The 9-minute video was posted online by ISIS leaders in a building of Raqqa, Syria, underneath a title, “The Nations [are] Uniting Against You.” It was initial reported by Middle East Media Research Institute, that marks militant groups’ communication via a region.

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The children exclaim “Allah Akbar!” before dispatching their victims.


“What lies between me and we are days that make immature organisation spin old,” warns one child identified as Abu Al-Baraa Al-Tunisi, as he and a others indicate handguns skyward. “The fight opposite we has not started nonetheless and a U.S., France, a U.K., Germany, and conjunction humans nor Jinn devils will relief you. Prepare we coffins, puncture your graves, and wait a predestine identical to that of these men.”

With that, a children, who seem to be as immature as 10 years old, scream “Allah Akbar,” reduce their guns and fire a kneeling organisation in a backs of their heads.

The other children are identified as Yousouf Al-Ozbaki, Abu Fuad Al-Kurdi, Abu Ishaq Al-Masri and Abu Abdalla Al-Britani, whose name indicates he is British.

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The video ends with a warning to Shia Muslims – and some-more executions.


ISIS has expelled several videos display a enemies’ executions, including some by children. But Friday’s video was believed to be a initial display a mass execution carried out by mixed children, who are famous as a “cubs” of a black-clad jihadist group.

“ISIS wants to we to know that their children will continue their jihad, and that murdering stream fighters isn’t most of a net benefit if their many brood will reinstate them,” pronounced Ryan Mauro, a inhabitant confidence researcher with Clarion Project, that marks a general militant threat. “For ISIS, this is a uncover of strength; that even their small kids are able of aroused friendship over what their enemies’ adults can muster.”

The video starts with masked fighters beheading and sharpened 5 organisation indicted of being members of Sahawat militias. One of a fighters delivers a summary to a Sahawat job on them to grieve before ISIS finds them.

“Allah’s willing,” he pronounced “we will cut off your heads and freshen a earth of your filth,” a warrior states.

The video intersperses scenes of kiling with depictions of drop opposite ISIS’ caliphate and civilians who purportedly were killed in associated airstrikes.

The organisation also levels threats during President Obama and Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad.

The video ends with an ISIS warrior melancholy Shia Muslims, who have historically been during contingency with a Sunnis who embody ISIS.

“Today, we kill your sons here, and tomorrow [we will kill them] in Qardaha, Tartus and Lattakia, Allah’s willing,” before he and 3 other fighters govern 4 organisation indicted of being Syrian soldiers.



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