‘How can that be what people wanted?’ Economist tears apart idea of a ‘soft’ Brexit

“How can that be what the people wanted? How can it be consistent with the vote?

“How can it be optimal given that we have still got all the same costs that we had before that we didn’t want? No. 

“There’s only one way to leave the EU to become a sovereign state, you have to leave these institutions.”

Speaking in central London earlier this month Mr Minford said: “You have to leave the single market, you have to leave the protectionism and you have to abandon the free immigration.

“If you’re going to leave, leave. And that means leaving all these things that cause cost.”

Prime Minister Theresa May is waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision to see whether she needs MPs to vote on Brexit, or whether she can trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval.

Mrs May had originally intended to lead Britain out of the EU in March 2017, before the High Court ruled the June 23 result in itself was not legally binding, despite 17.4million people voting to leave.

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