‘How To Leave The Labour Party’ Is Most Googled Question Around Labour Party Conference 2016

Corbyn secured 61.8% of the vote (313,209) and his challenger Owen Smith won 38.2% (193,229). 

The Labour leader thanked voters for their “trust and support” and told Smith they were “part of the same Labour family”.

“In our party we have much more in common than that which divides us,” he said. “Elections are passionate and often partisan affairs and sometimes there are said in the heat of the debate which we sometimes later come to regret.”

Smith has congratulated Corbyn on “being elected decisively as our leader”, adding: “Now is time for all of us to work to take Labour back to power.”

The Labour leadership contest, which was triggered earlier this summer after Corbyn’s shadow cabinet resigned en masse, was often a bitter battle.

Smith’s supporters were visibly disappointed after the result was announced with some refusing to give interviews with the BBC’s Norman Smith. 

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