Huge Egos, Dark Plotting And Deep Suspicion: Welcome To The Brexit Club

With Farage not being used by Vote Leave, he was able to do what he does best – get out into town halls across the country and fire people up. The rallies that he held under the Grassroots Out banner – and also under his own ‘Say No To The EU’ events – helped bring the referendum to the people. It must not be underestimated how vital those rallies were, as it showed people across the country who were thinking of voting Leave that they were not alone, and Brexit was not just the view of Daily Express readers or right-wing trolls on Twitter. It also helped tremendously that Tory and Labour MPs were happy to share a stage with the Ukip leader. Even Cabinet minister Chris Grayling appeared at an event, as did future Brexit Secretary David Davis and soon-to-be International Trade Secretary Liam Fox. These appearances were hugely symbolic as it showed Brexit was going mainstream.

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