Israeli Labour MP Condemns Jeremy Corbyn For "Skirting Round" Antisemitism At Friends Of Israel Meeting

During the meeting at Labour’s Liverpool conference, Corbyn said antisemitism had “reared its ugly head in various places”, and talked of the struggles of Labour’s founders against prejudice.

“I want to say a big thank you to many of those in this room who have come to talk to me and others in my team about the antisemitism that does exist within society. That has reared its violent ugly head in various places”, he said.

“And helped to advise and inform us about how we deal with antisemitism. I say this, the Labour Party is not a home for antisemitism in any form, I do not intend to allow it to be.

“The Labour Party must be specifically, an antiracist party, and specifically, opposed to any form of antisemitism, anywhere in our movement. There is no place.

“I recognise the enormous contribution by those who helped found this party, who even at that time suffered antisemitism just as those who struggled against fascism.

During her speech, Biran spoke out against “those who call themselves friends of Hamas”, and said more should be done to fight antisemitism in Labour.

“How can my sister party, a progressive party, allow itself to be a home for any antisemites?”, she said.

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