It will now cost only $29 to repair a burst iPhone

Hands on with a iPhone 7

For those disposed to enormous iPhone screens, Apple usually done a blow a small easier on your wallet.

Following a iPhone 7 announcement on Wednesday, a association done a few adjustments to a AppleCare+ guaranty plan. Most notably, it forsaken a cost for correct a burst shade from $99 to $29.

Of course, a understanding usually relates to AppleCare+ members, that costs $129 and includes dual repairs from random repairs (plus a use fee). After regulating a use twice, additional repairs — like regulating a inadequate home symbol — cost $99.

Making it cheaper to correct a shade is partial of Apple’s incomparable bid to get business to worry reduction about iPhone wear and tear. For example, a iPhone 7 is now H2O resistant and means to tarry drops in a toilet. Apple (AAPL, Tech30) has prolonged cited H2O repairs as a biggest law-breaker for ruining iPhones. (AppleCare+ doesn’t cover glass damage.)

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While burst screens are an easier fix, it’ll cost most some-more though a warranty: $149.

Startups like Redwood, Calif.-based iCracked have done a business out of regulating burst smartphone screens during a some-more rival price. The association sends technicians to your home, work or even a bar to correct a device for about $100. It’s like Uber for burst screens, and cheaper than what we competence compensate during an Apple store.

However, Apple (AAPL, Tech30) gives nominal singular AppleCare+ for a initial 90 days after business squeeze a new iPhone, though it doesn’t cover random damage. An AppleCare+ devise that we squeeze includes dual years of coverage.

Apple reliable a new AppleCare+ pricing is not in effect.

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