Italian lady kills herself after sex fasten she sent to ex-boyfriend goes viral

A raven-haired Italian beauty has committed self-murder after a sex fasten she done with her new beloved went viral after she sent it to her former beloved to make him jealous.

Tiziana Cantone, 31, who lived in Naples, Italy, killed herself while alone in a attic after a annoying video of her behaving a sex act flush on a worldwide web.

A print posted by Tiziana Cantone (@tizianacantonereal) on May 15, 2015 during 3:02am PDT

“They broken my daughter, my life and a lives of an whole family. Although in that attic where she took her possess life Tiziana was alone, implicitly to lift a knot around a neck were a ex-boyfriend, and those who took advantage,” Cantone’s mother, Maria Teresa Gigolo, told a Corriere della Sera journal on Wednesday.

It’s misleading who uploaded a risque footage to a internet, where it initial seemed in 2015.

The video became such a strike that Cantone was forced to go to justice to legally change her name.

She also reportedly became a boundary of online jokes and was mercilessly ridiculed by cyber-bullies.

She would constantly accept derisive emails and was mostly abashed by pedestrians who famous her on a street, according to a Daily Mail.

She became so distraught that she even quit her job.

Friends and family members told internal Italian media that Cantone went into a low basin and was carrying suicidal thoughts only before to her death.

A print posted by Tiziana Cantone (@tizianacantonereal) on May 15, 2015 during 2:56am PDT

Her attorney, Roberta Manzillo, has taken authorised movement opposite some of a internet hunt engines for pity a sex video while accusing other people of uploading it, a Daily Mail said.

“We have appealed to a right-to-be-forgotten law. Facebook was immediately systematic to mislay a calm from a amicable network height and to mislay each post or announcement containing images (photos and/or video) that impute privately to a person,” Manzillo said.

Prosecutors in Naples have launched a rapist examine to see if rapist charges are fitting in a case.

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