Jeremy Corbyn Accuses Tories Of Being As Bad As Donald Trump In Major ‘Wake-Up Call’ Speech

Jeremy Corbyn has accused senior Conservative politicians of being as bad as Donald Trump in a major intervention after the US election this week

He attacked the Government for “opening the door to Ukip” and blasted it for “fanning the flames of fear”, likening its stance to that of the new Republican President-elect. 

In a speech on Saturday, Corbyn is due to deliver his “global wake-up call”, saying that in Britain and the US people who feel left behind will be failed by their leaders. 

He will tell Labour’s South East regional conference in Kent: “Donald Trump tapped into real problems: stagnating or falling wages, underfunded public services, insecure work and housing, years of being left behind and neglected, frustration that your children’s prospects look bleaker, and anger at a political elite that doesn’t listen.

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