Jeremy Corbyn And Owen Smith Clash Over T-Shirts, Polls And Loyalty

Despite the surge in Labour membership to more than half a million members, and the huge crowds at Corbyn rallies, Smith said that his opponent was merely preaching to the already converted.

He suggested that there was a replay of the 1980s, when Labour attracted big crowds to Michael Foot meetings, only to go down to heavy defeat at a general election.

“We’ve had mass rallies, we’ve had a big party and we’ve lost successive elections. We know how this one ends, Jeremy, and it doesn’t end well for the working people of Britain,” Smith said.

But the Labour leader rounded on his challenger for adding to the disunity that deterred voters.

“Owen, our party is a strong party, our party is a big party, our campaigning abilities are immense if we work together on those campaign,” he said.

At one point when Smith complained about the lack of effective Opposition and concrete policies, Corbyn said that he had quit the front bench just as Labour was trying to take the fight to the Tories.

To loud cheers, the Labour leader said: “That’s exactly what we are trying to do, Owen. So I’m very disappointed that you chose to resign when we were putting forward exactly that policy.”

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