Jeremy Corbyn Attacked For Ignoring Shadow Cabinet And Misunderstanding Brexit By Kerry McCarthy

She said it appeared Corbyn was also too anti-business and lacked understanding on the economy.

“At one PLP meeting Jeremy started talking about how vulnerable people ‘were being forced to borrow money from hedge funds’. Angela Eagle and I caught each other’s eye. Did he really not know the difference between loan sharks and hedge funds?” she said.

“And, again at PLP, Emma Reynolds asked Jeremy if he ‘supported big businesses like Jaguar Land Rover who employ thousands of people in my constituency’. His answer was ‘of course I’m aware that big businesses exist and I’m also aware that many of them don’t pay their taxes’. He simply couldn’t bring himself to express support.”

Despite her criticisms, Corbyn said she had accepted a job in the shadow cabinet “because I thought it was important to honour Jeremy’s mandate, and to try to make things work”.

“Although I hadn’t supported Jeremy in the 2015 leadership contest, I was as frustrated as many other members were with the excessive caution and timidity at the heart of Labour. It felt like the chains had been shaken off, and there would be space to be a bit more radical, a bit more ambitious with our environmental policy,” she said.

A YouGov poll for The Times published yesterday suggested Corbyn is on track to easily win the Labour leadership contest against his rival, Owen Smith.

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