Jeremy Corbyn Could Win The Next General Election Because Of Housing Crisis, Ex-Cameron Aide Admits

In his new video, released to HuffPost UK, McDonnell revisits his childhood council home in Liverpool and talks about how Labour governments rescued millions like him from ‘slums’.

During his leadership campaign, Corbyn unveiled a radical plan to build a million new homes in five years, with at least half a million council homes, through a “public investment strategy”.

He also pledged: “We will end insecurity for private renters by introducing rent controls, secure tenancies and a charter of private tenants’ rights, and increase access to affordable home ownership”

Corbyn has repeatedly made housing a priority at Prime Minister’s Question time. In September, he attacked Theresa May for suggesting that housebuilding was higher under the Tories than Labour.

He also countered her claim that the Tories had delivered on a promise to “one-to-one replace” council houses that would be sold under Right to Buy. Corbyn said they had only replaced one in five.

On Thursday, Shelter revealed a spike in the number of children facing homelessness this Christmas.

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