Jeremy Corbyn Defies Labour MPs Over Commons Motion Accusing Tony Blair Of ‘Lying’ About Iraq

But several former Blair and Brown government ministers are still expected to turn out in force to defend Blair from the charge that he knowingly misled Parliament.

The SNP, backed by the Greens and Plaid Cymru, argue that the Chilcot Inquiry Report revealed that Blair was always intent on “regime change” in Iraq.

His infamous memo to George Bush months before the invasion, promising “I’ll be with you, whatever”, was proof that he had not been straight with Parliament, his critics claim.

Blair’s defenders say that Chilcot cleared him of the charge of lying.

No vote was taken at the Shadow Cabinet meeting and several ministers spoke to support the Shadow Chief Whip’s stance.

The party refused to comment about whipping arrangements, but one source said that the Shadow Cabinet had decided “to oppose” the SNP motion.

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