Jeremy Corbyn Gave The Most Jeremy Corbyn Answer To The Mumsnet Biscuit Question

It was not just his choice of sweet treats which Corbyn was quizzed over, and the Labour was also asked to clarify his view of whether prostitution should be legal.

In March this year Corbyn argued that the sex industry should be decriminalised, telling an event at Goldsmiths University: “I don’t want people to be criminalised. I want to be [in] a society where we don’t automatically criminalise people. Let’s do things a bit differently and in a bit more civilised way.”

This afternoon, one Mumsnet user said she found “it hard to reconcile this with being a woman and a feminist.”

Corbyn replied: “I have voiced my support for decriminalisation in the past, motivated by not wanting those engaged in prostitution to become criminals, but I recognise there are a range of passionately-held views by those currently in sex work, and those such as Raestory, who identify themselves as survivors, by campaigners, and women’s rights activists. All these people have women’s interests and equality at heart. Where we can agree is that women in prostitution and sex work should not be criminalised or stigmatised, and have their human and citizen rights protected, and have access to the support of social, health, public services and justice. This is no less than all women deserve.”

The Labour leader also revealed his favourite book is the James Joyce classic “Ulysses, on the grounds that it’s very hard to understand the first time and doesn’t get much easier on the third or fourth reading of it.” 

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