Jeremy Corbyn Had A Tougher Stance On Abusive Messages In The 1990s

The Labour leader has repeatedly condemned the behaviour of his supporters, most recently at his digital democracy launch last week, where he said:

“I have set out a code of conduct on this and it does have to be dealt with.

“Everyone should realise that when they put something on Facebook or on Twitter or online in an email, it’s exactly the same as if you’d put it in the print media in any other way. It’s open to exactly the same protective laws of libel or slander.

“Many people use instant access to twitter as more or less a continual pub conversation, and deeply regret the abuse they send to people at that time is there for eternity in some way or other on the internet.”

Mr Corbyn’s code of conduct, published on his campaign website, reads: “There should be no personal hostility and nobody should feel intimidated at any time.

“So no foul or abusive language will be tolerated and all candidates should be listened to with courtesy and respect at hustings, meetings and events.”

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