Jeremy Corbyn Offers Labour Rebels Chance To Return To Frontbench: ‘Of Course I’ve Made Mistakes’

Speculation has been mounting that several MPs, many of whom resigned from the shadow cabinet after the European Union (EU) referendum and who backed a vote of no confidence in the leader by 172-40, may be ready to return to Mr Corbyn’s team.

The Labour leader told the Guardian: “I will put it to them that I’ve got a mandate, if I’m elected.

“I’ll put it to them that the mandate is about the policies I’m trying to put forward. Not every dot and comma and crossed t, or whatever. But it is the general direction of the economy and policy. And I’ll invite them to work with us.”

“I’ll rely on the best natures that can come out.

“A lot of people say lots of things in the heat of the moment. But of course I’ve made mistakes, and of course we need to do better. We certainly can’t carry on as we did.”

He added: “Whether they’re going to love me at the end of it? I think the love may be further away.”