Jeremy Corbyn Plans A ‘Minister For Disarmament’ And ‘A Minister For Peace’

Jeremy Corbyn has revealed that he will appoint a minister for peace and disarmament if he becomes Prime Minister.

The Labour leader outlined his plan in an hour-long documentary, directed by award-winning filmmaker Ken Loach, detailing his interactions with party supporters.

Corbyn underlined his own opposition to nuclear weapons but went further to stress that he would actively work in government to use Britain’s global role to push for disarmament and world peace.

In the Loach documentary, released just as the Labour leadership election ballot closed, Corbyn said that “there has to be a change in attitude on foreign policy” and the UK’s recent history of sending troops into battle.

“I’ve spent my life opposing these things and want to see a foreign policy based on peace, based on democracy, based on human rights and based on justice.

“And in the ministerial things that we may well be appointing in the future, let’s have a minister for disarmament and a minister for peace, as well, who is pursuing those things around the world and looking to enforce the non-proliferation treaty, rather than pretending its an obstacle to rearmament.

“It’s a question of attitude.”