Jeremy Corbyn Praised By Tory Minister For His ‘Moral Mission’ To Tackle Inequality

A Tory minister has praised Jeremy Corbyn for attracting hundreds of thousands of young people to Labour  – and warned his party needs its own ‘moral mission’ to tackle inequality.

Education minister Rob Halfon said that “too many Conservatives” had celebrated Corbyn’s re-election, and warned that there was a real risk of under-estimating his appeal with the voters.

Speaking at a fringe meeting in Birmingham, Halfon said that the Tories had to recognise why the Labour had energised many supporters this summer during his leadership campaign and second landslide victory.

His words echoed similar warnings from Theresa May, who said her party should not be “complacent” about beating Labour, and from Liam Fox, who cautioned that the next election could be “unpredictable”.

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