Jeremy Corbyn Rules Out Overturning Brexit Vote, Either Through Second Referendum Or General Election

Corbyn said that the focus now should be on getting the best possible deal outside the EU.

“It has happened: the Remain campaign didn’t get the majority, the Leave campaign did so we’ve got to work our way round that,” he said.

“And that means crucially speeding up the negotiations for future market access for manufacturing industries particularly in Britain and if we don’t speed up that discussion to give some degree of certainty for future market access, then I’d get very worried about industries in Britain that cannot easily switch to another market. And also what kind of trade structure we are going to have in the future.”

Corbyn has set up a Shadow Brexit group of ministers led by Emily Thornberry and Barry Gardiner.

“If there’s not going to be trade agreements made through the European Union then presumably we either do them through the European Economic Area or more likely we have to do them ourselves and this is long and complicated.

“And I would hope that we would be able to develop trade agreements which actually have a positive impact on human rights, environmental quality, the quality of goods we import and as a way of encouraging our own manufacturing industry.”

The Labour leader came under fire from the Smith camp on Thursday after he denied he’d called for the immediate triggering of the Article 50 process to start Brexit.

At 7.30 on the morning after the referendum, he had said “Article 50 has to be invoked now”. But allies say he was making a general observation rather than making a specific call for the process to start instantly.

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