Jeremy Corbyn ‘Selfish’ For Not Wanting To Curb Immigration, Ukip’s Steven Woolfe Says

This week’s Question Time came from Boston in Lincolnshire, the town that recorded the highest Leave vote in the referendum, with more than 75% of voters backing leaving the EU.

Woolfe said the town had had to build more houses to cope with influxes of immigrants. He also claimed crime had risen and the local hospital has suffered longer waiting times due to immigration.

He added: “You cannot… create a fair, ethical migration policy without a visa system that controls the number of people coming in.”

Representing Labour, Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon said: “Without immigration, you can’t maintain our NHS either.” 

Woolfe called this a “dignified point” and said immigration was “necessary and important”. 

“All we have ever said is we must not have uncontrolled, mass migration,” he added.

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