Jeremy Corbyn Should Condemn Booing Of Sadiq Khan, Says Owen Smith

Owen Smith has called on Jeremy Corbyn to condemn any of his supporters who booed Sadiq Khan.

“I think it fundamentally wrong that anybody should ever boo Sadiq Khan,” the Labour leadership candidate said today in Wales. “It’s a measure of how divided we have become that anyone in our movement can think it appropriate to boo.”

At a rally in north London on Sunday evening of thousands of people who back Corbyn in the Labour leadership contest, the mention of London’s Labour mayor was greeted with boos.

Over the weekend, Khan threw his weight behind Owen Smith’s bid to oust Corbyn as leader.

Smith said today the reaction of the crowd, captured on film by The Huffington Post, was an “anathema to he values of the Labour” and was “all that is bad about politics”.

“I absolutely condemn it,” he added. “I hope Jeremy would condemn it.”

Speaking to Sky News, he added: “I deplore the booing of Sadiq Khan. I think Sadiq is someone we are very proud of in the Labour Party. He is a winner. To boo him is completely wrong and should be condemned by all of us in the Labour movement.”

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