Jeremy Corbyn Should Stay As Leader Even After General Election Loss, Most Labour Voters Say

A majority of Labour supporters think Jeremy Corbyn should be allowed to stay on as leader even if he loses the next general election.

A new BMG/HuffPostUK poll found that 54% of the party’s voters thought the Labour leader should remain in post after a possible defeat, with just 12% saying he should quit.

The figures are slightly lower among those who voted Labour in 2015, but 43% still felt Corbyn ought to be given a second chance, with 23% opposed to the idea.

But in another indication of the gap between Labour voters and the wider public, only 24% of all voters think he should be allowed to stay in post after a defeat. Some 35% think he would have to resign.

Corbyn’s strong support among party voters, and not just members, underlines his popularity after his second landslide election as leader this week.

Some Labour MPs now believe that the only way he will quit is following a general election loss at the hands of Theresa May, either in a snap poll next year or in 2020.

But Corbyn himself told HuffPost this summer that it was not ‘inevitable’ that he would have to resign in the wake of a defeat. “The party members control what happens. They will decide, one way or another,” he said.

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