Jeremy Corbyn Suggests Labour Members Could Vote In Shadow Cabinet Elections

But a move to include the party’s grassroots membership, which overwhelmingly back the Labour leader, in shadow cabinet elections is likely to be seen as a further attack on critical MPs who believe the leader and his allies are mounting a leftist takeover of Labour.

Smith lambasted Corbyn’s attempt to “deepen divisions” and “further cement” his position within the Labour party.

Corbyn’s challenger told Sky News on Sunday: “It isn’t a conciliatory gesture. It’s not simply an attempt to extend democracy in the Labour party.

“It’s an attempt to deepen divisions between new members and MPs.

“It’s an attempt to further cement his position and to use the membership as a means of driving a wedge between the MPs and his leadership.”

Smith called for a return to the “traditional method” of having balance within the shadow cabinet.

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