Jeremy Corbyn To Miss Commons Vote Condemning Tony Blair Over Iraq

Jeremy Corbyn will miss today’s Commons vote on whether to trigger a parliamentary investigation into whether Tony Blair misled MPs in the run-up to the Iraq war.

The Labour leader has decided to impose only a one-line whip on his MPs for the vote – meaning they are not obliged to attend.

Corbyn decided to reject pleas from Labour MPs that the party be forced to oppose the controversial SNP-led motion attacking Blair.

In a compromise, any Labour MP who does turn up for the debate will have to vote against condemning Blair.

And as The Independent reports, Corbyn himself will miss the vote as he is “committed elsewhere”. The Huffington Post understands the Labour leader will instead be at a constituency related event.

Corbyn has repeatedly criticised Blair for taking Britain into the 2003 war alongside the US.

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas said Corbyn should not “back away” from his long-held opposition to the war.

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