Jeremy Corbyn Under Attack From The Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) Despite Plea For Unity

The highest Tory ICM lead since 2008, when Gordon Brown was at his most unpopular, prompted unease among Labour MPs.

One MP said after the meeting, under condition of anonymity, that Corbyn’s responses to questions were ‘the usual patronising crap’.

However, a senior Labour source said after the PLP meeting that the blame for the poor poll ratings should be partly attributed to the botched ‘coup’ against Corbyn.

“We were level pegging in the May elections, we were one point ahead of the Tories.  Obviously, when there were very public divisions like this summer, that has an impact on public opinion. There’s no doubt that the effect of the last few months has been significant,” the source said.

“The public divisions and attacks are damaging. If there are public divisions that will depress Labour support. That’s why it’s essential that people work together effectively.

“That’s why, if we work together, the (opinion poll) gap can be closed. The possibilities and the scope for Labour to bounce back are huge, but to do that we have to be united and work together. I think you’ll see that people are responding to that.”

Corbyn had earlier emailed all his MPs urging them to unite behind his leadership following his landslide victory against Owen Smith in September.

He had said they must “all pledge to work together and to move forward as the united team our Party has every right to expect, and that our country so desperately needs”.

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